Slowly but Surely – Changing Our Energy Mix

By Cassidi Beck 8th May 2030 The United States has made large commitments over the last few years after re-joining the Paris Climate Accords in 2021. Perhaps one of the most significant one of these was the Biden administration’s goal to decarbonise the power sector by 2035. While we still have a lot of work to do, the ongoing policy developments of the Harris administration … Continue reading Slowly but Surely – Changing Our Energy Mix

Shoving Climate Change Down Your Throat

The Catch Carbon bill & CCUS – What it potentially all means By Laura Duncan, Mandy Jolly & Roshni Bham 4th may 2030 It’s no secret that the Oil & Gas industry along with manufacturing has severely lacked in transforming their business models in line with U.S. decarbonisation and climate mitigation efforts. While government attention has been primarily focused on transforming the electricity sector, industry … Continue reading Shoving Climate Change Down Your Throat

Small but Mighty – The Power of Nuclear

Bill Gates’ Natrium takes the US by Storm By Jordan Zele & Robert Levinson 8th May 2030 Bill Gates’ natrium nuclear reactor is taking the U.S. by storm After the successful launch of his nuclear plant in Kemmerer, Wyoming, Bill Gates & his energy company TerraPower, private energy industries and state utilities were quick to place their bids to be the next site for Natrium … Continue reading Small but Mighty – The Power of Nuclear

Fixing America’s Food Systems

We Need to Pay More Attention to How We Grow our Food By Mary Uwadineke 7th May 2030 In much of the world, climate change is altering regional growing conditions and making them more unpredictable. For many U.S. farmers , it is becoming increasingly difficult to consistently grow enough food to meet increasing demand and they have endured major losses from worsening floods, storms and … Continue reading Fixing America’s Food Systems